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Easy Seamless Integration
simplified application process

Boost Insurance Sales with a Lightning Fast Application Process

Boost conversion rates through our simplified application process that reduces insurance application timings from 15 minutes to just 90 seconds. This solution has been shown to boost conversion rates by 2-4x with your customers.

Set Up in 1 Day & Optional ERP Integration
100% Digital progress
Earn with every purchase
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step 1
Upload your receipt

Take a photo of your receipt to begin insuring your item

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step 2
Get your quote

Choose between different packages for a tailored experience

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step 3
Payment completed

Your insurance is immediately activated!

supported payment methods
Self service portal

Empower Your Customers to Manage their Contract with Ease

Experience the future of insurance management with our innovative WebPortal.  For customers, it's a game-changer - managing insurance plans, personal, and payment data with ease and security. Enhance customer engagement, understand their needs, and boost loyalty and sales.

Streamlined Policy Control
Customer-Centric Insurance Management
Elevated Engagement and Loyalty
Accelerated Claims Process

AI-Powered Claims at Lightning Speed

Speed up your claims process with our AI-powered solution. By harnessing the power of AI, we've revolutionised the claims process, making it faster, more precise, and easier to manage. This results in reduced processing times, improved customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency. The future of claims management is here.

Turbocharged Claims
Seamless AI-Driven Claims Handling
Unparalleled Efficiency & Happy Clients
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Make a claim

Simply click make a claim to get started

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step 2
Upload proof
of your claim

And provide any further comments to aid the claims review

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step 3
You're all set!

Keep informed over email or by checking your status in the portal

Digital product safe

A Digital Vault for Your Customers' Valuables - Safe, Secure, Accessible!

Our intuitive app is a digital curator and insurance agent all in one. It provides a secure space for collectors and high-net-worth individuals to store, track, and insure their valuable items. This platform is designed specifically for the needs of your customers prized possessions. Experience the seamless merge of digital convenience and insurance efficiency.

Easy Application for Precious Valuables
24/7 Overview of Protected Assets
Elevated Engagement and Loyalty
insurance everywhere

Partner with us Globally

Your trusted insurtech partner with tech capabilities in 24 countries across Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.

countries around the globe

Integration Made Easy - with just 1 API!

With our 1 API solution, integrating our cutting-edge insurance tech into your existing systems is a breeze. Our platform enables flexibility so that our our modules can be tailored to your specific needs, making it product, country, and system agnostic.

Our API integrates seamlessly into your current systems and ticketing tools, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your solution and data capabilities.

Data & Analytics

smart analytics suite

Unlock the Power of Data - Insights That Drive Success!

Harness the power of data with our robust analytics module. Our easy-to-navigate dashboard provides key indicators like coverage metrics, insights into the claims process, customer satisfaction, and SLAs. The ability to filter data by country, product type, and more allows for strategic tracking of your insurance offerings over time - helping you streamline your operations, offer more personalized experiences and make more informed business decisions.

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